This is a series of work done for Plumes, a local Boston band.
The Negligent Biome and Man of the Year are companion EP's that chronicle the evolution of the artists' relationship with his now-girlfriend. The Negligent Biome tells of the tumultuous start of their relationship, while Man of the Year takes each of those songs and revises them to reflect the now calm and happy state of the relationship. The album covers are meant to reference each other in a similar way, and also to channel the stream of consciousness nature of the lyrics on both albums.
Acoustic Microwave Background I is the first in a series of acoustic albums planned by the band. The title is a reference to the Cosmic Microwave Background, electromagnetic radiation remnants from the Big Bang that still exist in the universe today. Much like these remnants were the start of an increasingly complicated universe, the songs on this album represent the beginning stage that all songs go through to achieve greater complexity. The cover seeks to reference this cosmic inspiration in a similar way.
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